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Top Stories

  • Roll Searching Out West Finds New Silver Vein - November 2013
    Well Earl and Lauren have done it again. Searching through bank rolls nets 23 silver quarters and 5 silver half dollar coins! My only advise for all you coin collectors..."Go West Young Men, Go West..." Unbelievable!
  • Key Date Coin Found Searching Junk! - August 2013
    Well Earl and Lauren have done it again. Searching through some junk silver coins in a shop out west they have discovered a 1921D Mercury Dime! How sweet it is. Earl sent me a picture of Lauren holding the dime, and her smile tells it all! Miss ya'll
  • Roll Searching Out West Hits Comstock Lode! - July 2013
    A good friend and his daughter who recently moved out west have been searching rolls of coins from a local bank and "hit the mother lode". Seems that the bank tellers are not old enough to remember that United State coins use to have silver in them, and they are more than happy when someone comes along and wants to buy them, at face value no doubt, unbelievable! Great find Earl and Lauren, keep searching.
  • Roll Searching Pays Off Again - July 2013
    Searching rolls of nickels from a local bank recently was extremely profitable when we discovered a 1939 Double Monticello Jefferson Nickel in AU condition. The coin has been sent off for grading. We will update the grade and value once it has returned. UPDATE: The coin has returned from NGC with a grade of AU58, reverse of 1940, current value $295.00!
  • Pocket Change Treasures - March 2013
    One lucky customer received a shock about two months ago when a coin, an 1877 Indian Head Cent, that he spent years looking for, just dropped into his hand in change. The customer who remain unidentified took the coin to a local coin store and had the coin sent off to be certified, after everyone agreed that it appeared to be genuine. The coin has returned certified and graded. It was real! It was in good condition and valued at $900.00. What a find!
  • Roll Searching Pays Big Dividends - October 2012
    Searching rolls of pennies from a local bank recently was extremely profitable when I discovered a 1924D Lincoln Wheat Cent in AU condition. The coin was valued at $250.00 and was graded AU58!
  • Yard Sales Junk or Treasure? - August 2012
    My dad always told me that one man's junk was another man's treasure and while out yard selling one day while searching through a box of old foreign coins a friend discovered a 1794 Large Cent in the box. The coin was sent off and certified, with a graded of VF Details with a value of $1,800.00.