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QuarterMaster Coins is a home based EBay coin store, located in Central Alabama. After collecting coins for over 40 years, without a coin store within 100 miles of me, the internet was a blessing. Today, with technology, every coin collector has hundreds, if not thousands, of coin stores in their own living room. All you have to do is turn on your computer and you can find just about anything you want, and if you are like me, a lot that you wish you could afford. Please visit my EBay Store and let me know if you have any questions.

I decided to build this website to help new collectors of all ages to the hobby of coin collecting, and provide links to other websites for research.  I might also be able to help you find the coins you want within your price range. I have some coins for sale and have enough contacts to help you locate the ones I don't have. I also have new and used coins supplies for sale.

While I will be posting research material on this site free of charge, it is not free to keep this website up and running. So I am asking that if you find the material helpful, please make a small donation through PayPal to help offset the monthly cost. If there is anything that you would like more information on please email me here with your request. As soon as I locate the information I will forward it to you and post it for other readers as well.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of any kind to make this site better please let me know. My plan for this website is to have it full of information, trivia, facts, and links to other research sites where any collector can find any information that they are looking for. Kind of like going to the library years ago to write a research paper. This is a large undertaking and I have a lot of work ahead of me, so any assistance will be appreciated.

Thanks for looking, and please come back as I plan to update this site often. Please remember to visit my EBay Store and if you have any questions just drop me an email. Thanks again and happy collecting!